Sunday, May 23, 2010

Actually I didn't remember smugness being a huge factor in rock/pop really prior to... well I was going to say Britpop... then backdate it to Baggy/Madchester when I suddenly remembered the white-soul thing of the late-Eighties, as blood-curdling a parade of self-satisfied visages as you could possibly imagine (see above). And let us not forget that veritable Smugzilla, Tony Hadley!

The smugness is probably related to "intelligence"/"sophistication". What connects Curiosity and Foals? It's some strange phrenological hipster-continuum, innit?


Anonymous said...

On Curiosity Killed The Cat - go to for some hardcore Schadenfreude. E.g.:

"Ben is now writing and producing his debut solo album and is looking forward to another chart return in 2007!" - that must be the CD now selling on Amazon for £1.95

Gabe said...