Sunday, February 17, 2008

Back soon with a report on the Wyatt-that-went-wrong. Meanwhile, in other news, this is a good bit of writing.*
*But what do I know? Apparently Zadie considered that the ten stories sent to her as a shortlist, (even the very best of the eight hundred and fifty stories garnered from all over the world, submitted surely by plenty of seasoned writers, MA students who'd been honing bits and bobs on their courses under the tutor's watchful eyes, gifted came-out-of-nowhere-first-timers etc) were not even worth reading. Wow! Truly harsh.
A more cynical man might begin to suspect that there had been some kind of fuck-up. But of course not. She's harsh because literature is more important than any individual ego. It's all about integrity, innit!


Anonymous said...

I think the sort of people who want to write have the least to say.

Dominic said...

the Wyatt-that-went-wrong

You got kneecapped?