Sunday, November 11, 2007

That new Burial album's really tasteful, isn’t it. Very "Creative’s Dinner Party". I expect to hear it pretty soon as heavy-rotation backing music on whatever the Noughties equivalent of This Life is. It’s Massive Attack, innit. It’s trip hop. “Archangel” is Dubstep’s “Unfinished Sympathy.” It’s going to be all over adverts and movies as unthreateningly non-specific signifier of moody street cool. It’s going to make him rich. I’m counting the days until one of my workmates says, “Hey, Carl, have you heard that LP by this “Burial” guy.. yeah, I was round my friend’s house the other day…..”

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you informed….
Update: actually is that the ghost of Moby's "Play" that I can hear kind of hanging over the whole endeavour.


Anonymous said...

Jesus what a sickeningly aging Hare Krishna bottom that Moby ´´Dick´´ really is, Carl. Just think of all the MTV cocks that tranny ass has eaten, - Madonna, Cher, Britney, Christina, Timberlake, maybe even Bjork´s.

As for the Burial, if the first time round you thought these retroviral therapy zombies would bring on the Second Coming of Marx, you´re better of reading Dr. Slovenly Zizek, really.

For really good hauntological music, reference to the David Lynch soundtrack for INLAND EMPIRE.

Fire in The Mind said...

this is really the worst of the worst i've read here. such a beautiful and powerful record and you can't wait to shit all over it. shame on you!

Anonymous said...

actually i like the record, just wryly noting a few similarities. Do you think this post really constitutes "shitting all over" the record. If so i can only presume that you have a REALLY low opinion of Massive Attack and Moby.