Monday, February 26, 2007

Just time for a cheap pun before I (new-man alert, new-man alert! (new is short for newtered, here, clearly)) make Mrs Impostume her dinner!
I'd far rather listen to "Miles Davies: a Tribute to Jack Johnson" than I would " Jack Johnson: a tribute to Miles Davies!"
Yeah... sorry...must dash.. time to put those out-of-date Bernard Matthew's Fizzy-Lemon Flava Turkey Twanglepops in the microwave and open up another can of Graffititag Spageetiags (apparently sales of alphabeti spaghetti have fallen off with the decline in literacy). Never mind, we've got boil-in-the-bag black forest gateau for dessert.

1 comment:

cultural parody center said...

Carl, you're fired!

Not only have you not come up with a single parody in nearly 2 weeks, but you have also failed to update the link to our new headquarters, and you started a doppelganger blog society without inviting the Cultural Parody Center, your very own employer, to participate.

To be reconsidered for employment, you must submit an essay of min. 1000 words extolling the virtues of the Cultural Parody Center while outlining the hideous aspects of your laziness and neglect.

The Cultural Parody Center