Monday, February 12, 2007

It’s the second week in February, Mark’s slate (slags! slates!) down the Cloth-Capped Intellectual took a Yuletide hammering, so it must be time for a new release from Salford’s most famous son-AH!

That new Fall album tracklisting in full!

Grumble, Pensioner!

Journeyman Plod!

Amphetamine Bus-pass Gargoyle-ah!

Bar-tab hackwork!

Bremen! Barman! Betrunken!

French Bint in Studio!

New-wife non-contribution scam!

Garage cover No 632

(Paying) My New Mortgage.

Lundun Twats!

Old rope=money

Sub-Kraut Kredibilty Dirge.

(We desperately need Grant) Showbiz.

Worst since “Missing Winner”

A Past Disgraced!

1 comment:

owen hatherley said...

I, for one, really like Are you are Missing Winner, so if the new one is anything like it, I may go buy...I mean how one could resist 'My Ex-Classmate's Kids' is a mystery to me...