Saturday, January 06, 2007

In the spirit of The New Honesty inaugurated by Messers K-Punk and LovelySamAtBloggleBum Cage, (and as yet another strategy to avoid finishing that pointless novel that nobody is ever going to read anyway, etc) the iMpostume, never one to dissemble re: his listening that much anyway, ‘fesses up to what is currently sitting around his computer sonics-wise (live and direct!)

It’s nearly all old!

Vitalist top twelve.
In a moment of arch Romantic inspiration I am committing the fundamental error of digging the expression of some ineffable, transcendent essence in the following:

Currently (as in, at this very moment!) listening to: The Minutemen: Double Nickels on the Dime.

Scott Four : Works Project LP

Fad Gadget: Fireside Favourites

No Means No : Ausfahrt

Pere Ubu: Worlds In Collision

Cul de Sac: Ecim (tell me that’s not the best cover of “Song to the Siren!”)

Jarvis: Jarvis

Booth and the Bad Angel: (hmmm.. bit of a twinge owning up to that one)

Maria Bethania: Passaro do Manha

Camberwell Now: All’s well

Harmonia: Deluxe/Music Von

Heldon: Heldon Three.

Akursed Share: Catholic Transgression*

*errr ok…. I made the last one up. Funnily enough as I type I’m now listening to the latest Killing Joke (thanks Steve 57) and the track “Lightbringer” goes, “ The rebellious spirit/ In you an me/ the lightbringerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!” Now there’s a vitalist for you!


Dejan said...

long live vitalism!

carl said...

now i'm even more confused! can one be both a Lacanian and a vitalist? Help!

steve57 said...

Minutemen, huh?

funny old world, eh?