Monday, December 18, 2006

Unfortunately don't have enough time to devote to a full take on this at the moment

Suffice to say that Andy's productivity and quality rate has never been higher and is basically caning mine at the mo. Yep, it's lights -out and sound-up time folks for what has to be the most cinematic Dreaming Method's production yet, more deadzones, fragmented memories and Uncanny encounters in childhood games, this time filtered through Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds and consequently on a much larger canvas than The Flat . Superb, of course, the 3D effects are sharper than ever, the text well-proportioned, the sounds deployed for maximum effect.

For those unfamilar with Andy's stuff, use the mouse to move the image around, revealing text/space... parts of the screen where the arrow becomes a hand should be clicked on to move to the next part of the tale.

He should get together with Xela, someone should give them several million quid, and the results would be spectacular.

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