Saturday, December 02, 2006

Inspired by BlogglebumCage’s early attack on the best Albums of 2006 I’m going to have a crack at it myself, though I can’t actually claim in all fairness that I’ve listened to anything like the quantity of stuff Sam has and indeed I spent most of the year hunting down older stuff, nonetheless I’ll at least offer the ten records I enjoyed/found myself listening to most in 2006, making no attempts whatsoever at any kind of overview of the year or grafting of Large Theoretical Concerns onto the affair. I will overlap with Sam on a couple of points I guess, but will not be featuring what look to be the main contenders for everybody’s album of the year, Joanna Newsom, Hot Chip, Junior Boys, Burial/Kode 9 or Scritti (though I rather like it and the Newsom is, damn it, growing on me at a pretty frantic pace. Maybe by the time I've finished it will have snuck in there) in fact it’s a motley crew expressive of nothing but the particularly foul rag and bone shop of the Impostume’s own, ever hopeful heart.

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