Friday, October 06, 2006

Mea Culpa!

I received this e-mail today from Paul East head of the set of concerns listed below his correspondence:

From: "Paul East" <>>To: "Carl Neville" <>>Subject: White Diaspora>Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2006 07:32:08 +0200>>


It would appear that you have absolutely no intention of paying the money>you still owe me: 700 euros to be exact.>>>>I´ve not been around for most of this year mainly due to illness and am only>now starting to catch up on things. According to my records, you still>haven´t bothered to reply to my mail sent on 10th December last year.>>>>

To be honest, the money is not the most important thing here – I don´t like>being taken for a ride. I want an answer within the next couple of days>letting me know when I can expect payment.

As mentioned, you have the>possibility of paying into my mother´s bank account in England so you have>no excuses.>>>>

Don´t fucking disappoint me – you have one more chance and, believe me, I>don’t fuck about with lawyers and all that shit.

>>>>>>>>Paul East>>The Pyramid Group>Business Park Ulm>Einsteinstra├če 59>89077 Ulm / Germany>>Tel: +49 731 3976976>Fax +49 731 3976977>Mobil +49 (0) 170 1842435>>

Specialist English Training>

E-publishing & Print On Demand>

I quite understand Paul's frustration he's been trying to get that money off me for ages, though I suspect seven hundred euros is a rather fanciful figure (it's more like five hundred, as far as I recall, but I'll check) I did arrange a bank transfer years ago but it got lost at his end and then I just, very conveniently for myself, didn't really get round to sorting out another one despite numerous requests from Paul, the last one was last year, when I was out of the country and I had frankly forgotten all about him until today.

Now my reluctance to pay Paul promptly is based entirely on the rotten quality of the service he offered me (though he didn't ask for money up front, the only advantage in fact of getting involved with him) and the resultant bad-will on my part as a customer. As an emerging POD publishing magnate for example he was incapable of even converting a Word file to PDF, certainly couldnt sort out White Diaspora's complicated pagination for me (in fact couldn't even understand it) and couldnt typset the book, all of which I ended up having to do myself. Once the novel was printed up he then seemed to be incapable of getting it to about fifty percent of its intended recipients (there was a long and amusing set of tales on The House of Leaves board about the fact that one punter actually received a fondue set instead of the book), later when people I knew ordered copies from him, I had to chase him up about it and at least one, to my knowledge had his bank account debited and received no novel subsequently. (I still have all these e-mail exchanges available for inspection, M'lud.) Indeed not long after I got involved with him the guy who had suggested I try him out in the first place asked Paul to stop handling his stuff due to his staggering incompetence and, like me, sought out a more reliable service.

There is however no question that I owe Paul the money for the printing of the books, but of course it sticks in my craw slightly and I have been ignoring this fact and hoping that he just forgets about it(or dies).. looks like that's not going to happen,though.. so.. i can only assume that his letter represents a threat of physical violence/attempt at intimidation ( being nice has got him nowhere) if I don't cough-up. However equally understandably, Paul, people respond very POORLY to threats of physical violence, as I am now doing, though this begs the question as to who is going to be doling the beating out to me. You, Paul? Are YOU going to come over and sort me out yourself or do you have some " lads" who are going to do it for you? Your son lives over here, doesn't he? Is he going to do it? But you ARE threatening me, aren't you, Paul East of Pyramid Communications.(oops, hope this page doesn't start coming up on web searches for your sites, Paul). All of this begs the question, if you're not going to use the legal process, which I suspect you're not because A) you can't afford to and B) you don't have any coherent records of your own business transactions then what I'm asking myself is how much of a kicking am I willing to take for this putative seven hundred euros and my feeling right now is , well, I'll take one. What are you going to do, stab me, have me shot? I advise you that I am six foot four so have a good reach and am currently bench-pressing one forty, so I'll take my chances. Specify exactly what the nature of this threat is Paul and then i can make an informed decision as to whether i consider it worth paying you to avoid it,or indeed how credible a threat this really is, Paul East, Specialist English Trainer of and

The ball's in your court, Paul, I always think it's best to air one's dirty laundry in public, the Impostume receives a modest hundred or so visits a day on average (feel free to check the site stats below. Hey, maybe more now if some of your clients start picking this up on google searches, cool! and it will at least allow them to get an informed perspective on your management techniques and the testimomy of at least one dissatisfied customer, eh?) , any further e-mails you send me will be coming up here too.. i suspect neither of us will come out of it looking too noble but so be it. So Paul what does that last sentence mean EXACTLY

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