Saturday, September 23, 2006

Over on Blissblog (it’s alive, ALIVE!!!!!!) top international music critic Simon Reynolds is suggesting that we’re about experience a year by year retread through the Eighties! Great. Let’s bring that Ron Johnson records revival forward as quickly as possible, partly because I want the bIG fLAME stuff reissued and their spirit to infuse a whole new generation of Indie kids but mostly because I used to work with the guy who ran the label a few years ago and he was, frankly, one of the nicest and most generous guys I’ve ever met! If you’re out there Dave, get in touch. I’m trying in my own small way to push the fast-forward button on this process so that we can mass-regurgitate all the Pigfuck, Skronk and Camden Lurch bands so beloved of my hirsute youth in order to more rapidly arrive at the day when Cop Shoot Cop reform and do all four of their albums back to back live at All Tommorow’s Parties 2007.

For this reason I have been assiduously and selflessly trawling youtube (all right! I’m addicted I confess. Anything to delay doing some work on that bleedin useless novel) for the finest examples of the above genres and have, I think you’ll agree, come up with some gems. I heartily look forward to the day when the trendy guys in my local record store are all name-checking the Noseflutes and Jackdaw with Crowbar and you can’t move down Berwick Street for kids with pictures of the Shend on their t-shirts.

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