Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Various Danielewski devotees on the Only Revolutions forum are currently taking me to task for daring to suggest that there’s a formal similarity between my work and his, on the basis I suppose that, well, that possibly there isn’t at all (or that there is but it doesn’t matter) and I’m hugely overstating things, but more likely that Danielewski is an untouchable genius of staggering originality, whose boots I am not fit to, etc and how dare I try and ride on his coat-tails etc……
I’m prepared to accept that I’m just a deluded fool obsessed with one of the few things he’s ever accomplished in his third rate (and most importantly, grudgefully unpublished!) life (except for the universally applauded practice of Wyatting!!…… errrrr…….) and whose inflated sense of his own importance leads him to suspect that everyone is somehow influenced by him etc. All I ask is that any readers of the Impostume check out the link below and simply post a comment saying either YES or NO. That my earlier post was legitimate or not(cue interminable objections and qualifications). If it’s universally agreed that there’s no similarity between the structure of the works/ websites ( no I’m not making accusations of plagiarism, I have NO IDEA about the content of the work) and that I was wrong to harbour ANY suspicions I will scold myself thoroughly and publicly for my self-important idiocy.
I also implore any acolytes bouncing here of the Only Revolutions page (most of my meagre traffic over the past day) neither to mercilessly troll me or try and swing the vote (if it happens at all, of course) just as I won’t be rounding up friends/ family members to tip it my way.

The question of my sanity (not to mention self-respect) hangs in the balance!
May be time to start stewing another kilo's worth of Humbleberries , fair Mrs Impostume.

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