Thursday, August 03, 2006

15.60.75 Numbers Band Greenville 7.22.06

well, well, well....

David Thomas, (who recently pulled all Ubu videos off YouTube on the grounds of ..oh... i dunno... some spurious stuff about the artist's right to control representations of his art (so why not leave the official, sanctioned, presumably Ubu approved videos on?) when in fact we all know he was having a Crocus Behemoth-sized hissy fit over the fact that someone had caught him, not uncharacteristicly, bawling abuse at either a band member or soundman) claims that the first Numbers Band album "Jimmy Bells Still in Town" is one of the greatest records ever made. Well, what do i know (truly he is the Montaigne of the blog world this boy!), might not go that far but it certainly is a bloody exciting record, kind of amazingly driving, kinetic, horn-propelled, cubist R and B with some truly great deadpan, deadbeat poetry from Robert Kidney chipping and skimming over the top...actually David Thomas' liner notes on the CD are probably worth the price alone...slower number here..will they ever play the uk again?

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