Thursday, July 27, 2006

On my daily, post-work "pound" through my local second-hand record shop I came across a few bargains that I would have bought were it not for the fact that I own them already: "I" by arkane (a Monster of an LP!) for two quid and various bits of Indy-shmindy stuff :Crooked Rain, Deserter's Songs, Spiritulized Electric Mainline and Blowback by Tricky ( much reviled, personally i love it) all for a quid.

Not the world's most exciting selection of slightly scratched cds (except for that arkane mutha, of course) but it occured to me that probably someone would be grateful to know they were there so they could pop in and buy them... if only there was a way I could let my fellow sufferers know .. then in a flash of inspiration it hit me: " but Carl, you can! Remember the power of the internet and its unregulatable info- flow before which dictators tremble and the Very Face of Kapital itself blanches ) wouldn't it be great if there was a site where people could philanthropically post info about bargains they've just spotted but already own, seriously underpriced records and so on......might we not join together as one, sharing a common vision!

ergo, ladies and gentlemen i give you this....

probably something very similar already exists....but if it doesn't, feel free to make the most of it.. username and password are there so anyone who wants to start you go.... and any more technically adept potential users who could find someway of grouping the info, by all means do so...spread the word far and wide.. scratch that Quidditch till it bleeds!

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ilya said...

Here's a slightly less philantropic idea. Buy them and re-sell them on eBay, gemm or some other site. That way they get out there and people can find them easier ... of course then you are just contributing to the death of record stores everywhere by not giving people a reason to visit them. You could sell them at the price you bought them or charge a slight premium and make your record buying self-sustainable.